Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Toyger cats

Cats. Toyger is a medium sized cat with fur like stunned. Toyger has temperamin good with good health and resistance to disease
Ideal color is dark orange with black stripes like the tiger. The pattern of stripes should be extended without any spot. Small and round ears. Overall Toyger pertulangan structure is solid and balanced.

Ras cat is the result of hybridization with domestic cats ornery. The aim is to produce a small tiger could be invited to play and kept in the house. Toyger own words is an abbreviation of "Toy Tiger" (Tiger could be invited to play).

Ras Toyger discovered and developed by Judy Sugden, owner of a Cattery in America called "EEYAAS Cattery". Toyger produced by cross-striped domestic cat (tabby) is a short pile, with the Standard Bengal Tabby. After years of hard work, marriage is to produce cats cats with color stripes like a tiger.

This race is still in pengembangan.Pertama was recognized for registration by The International Cat Association (THREE) in the early 1990's. Some breeder in the U.S. and Britain tried to develop this race. Toyger Preliminary New Breed status in 2000. And in May of 2007 is expected to gain full status in the contest cat (Championship status).

This article is taken from cats Toyger articles. Actually want to write about race this cat with the phrase itself. But because the chance is there that I had to write ya ulan publish it.

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