Monday, March 28, 2011

Birman Cat: Show Standards & Treatment

Cat.Birman cat known as a cat who does not have a hereditary disease. To date, no congenital diseases in animals native descent (Purebred). However, it could not hurt a cat checked thoroughly before buying because even though not a hereditary disease, it does not mean cats can not have a health problem at all. Get used to discuss parenting and their parents and brothers and sisters who want to buy a cat with the breeder.

Birman Cat Health
Extermination fleas in cats is recommended to be done once a month, especially in the transition period (transition). It is normal for a long-haired cat losing season during transition (from heat to dry or vice versa). High humidity levels are the main factors that cause it.
Changing your diet during such a transition was not recommended because it can lead to things that are not desired. Maintain a normal diet. If you really want to change it, do it gradually and little by little. 20-30-50 is the best formula for dietary changes.
What is the formula of 20-30-50? Basically, the formula is the stage that is used in dietary changes. Add 20% of foods that would be introduced to your cat on her usual food consumption. After a week, add to 30%. In the next week, add 50%. If the process no problem, basically changing dietary patterns can be performed.

Diet & Hygiene Cat Birman
To clean the Birman cat who performed at least once a week, I recommend to brush their fur for 15 minutes. This can help grow hair.
In sub-tropical countries, this type of cat should be bathed at least six months. However, in the more humid areas such as tropical countries, inio cats should be bathed at least once a month. Birman Cats love to be touched, so bathing them is much easier than with other types of bathing cats. Birman need more fat for better growth of fur, so they need to be given food other than dry food. A good diet for type Birman kitten who is 12 weeks to 6 months is to provide the raw meat twice a week (cuts of beef are best). Never give cow's milk Birman cat. Clean and fresh water is recommended. In tropical countries like Indonesia, should neighborhood Birman cat is equipped with a fan to keep them from overheating. However, you should not use the AC because the AC is more humid, so this kind of cat fur will deflate.

Birman Cat Show Standards
Head (including size and shape of the eye) = 25
Body (including tail size, shape, length and bone) = 25
The length and texture of fur = 10
Hair color = 10
Gloves and feet = 20
Eye color = 5
Overall = 5
Total Points = 100

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