Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiffany Cats

Cats. This time we will membahasa Ras Cats Tiffany. How and what kind of cat is this? Around 1967 in New York, United States .... Neotype Cattery owner named Jennie Robinson to buy a house and turned out in home sales, they also received a package a couple of cats as well.Cat name is Thomas and Shirley. But not known about the background and the type of cat from its parent. Type cat has a brown color and fluffy semi longhair and semi-foreign body type. Eventually the couple gave birth to six cats were kittens. Strangely all kittens like her a light brown solid. Then Jennie Robinson makes a cat pengembangbiakkan program. Precisely in 1970 Jennie Thomas and Shirley register their cats and their children to the ACA (American Association paint)

Some experts suspect that cats serve targeted only the descendants of the Burmese. But they do not have the sepia color that are characteristic burnese. Some cats tersebur sold to Sigyn Lund (Burmese cat breeder). Then he introduced the race Tifanny Because the numbers are slightly ACA Race Cat Tiffany finally remove this. But not long ago in Canada there are many cat lovers who find this race and decided to preserve them.

Tiffany cat traits:
Semi-foreign body type
weight between 4-5 kg
Shape of the head almost like a triangle
short snout
small chin
Large ears
Wide cheekbones
Having a tail adorned with soft fur
Eye color is gold
Of course, typical of a brown cat species
These cats really like humans .. though not too lazy and industrious.

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