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PITBULL: Dog fighter

DOG. Pit Bull Dog is famous for its aggressive nature and buasnya. Images are not easily removed from the view of the clouds. But is it true that Pit Bull segarang imaged during this? The following article may increase your references in view of the Pit Bull dog
Pit Bull began to bloom in the 19th century when the rise of a dog fighting competition. At that Pit Bull dogs in the form of the character into a resilient fighter, aggressive and obedient to the command master. How such training with a supportive environment eventually led to bully pitbull pitbull
In Uncle Sam's country, Pit Bull inserted into the category of wild animals so that some states prohibit their citizens maintain the Pit Bull. But instead of getting banned from the low tide, on the contrary, the hobbyists clandestinely cultivate hide. Even the U.S. Marines make the Pit Bull dog as a mascot unity and propaganda tool

Pitbull is actually a term often used to describe several types of dogs that have similar physical form. This use is often vague vague to explain certain dog breeds. There are several types of dog called a Pit Bull in a country that uses English as the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Perro de Pressa Canario, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Alano Espanol, Japanese Tosa, Dogue de Bordeaux, and Perro de Peiea. APBT and keluara magnitude is incorporated into a bigger family that is Molossian. Data from history

century was recorded in 16-17 have a dog similar to a Pit Bull today and used to fight with the bulls or bears. The document also reported that five male Pit Bull can kill a bear or three tails Pit Bull is enough to kill a lion.
From the genetic side there are 2 versions of the birth of the Pit Bull. The first version states Pit Bull is a pure race or pure breed Pit Bull while the other version is a cross of several breeds of dogs including Home Bulldog and Staffordshire. In the development Pit Bull have developed blood lines Cork and Kerry in Ireland are marked with a red nose, while the second strain was developed in England with a black muzzle
However the nature of Pit Bull really depends on how he formed and trained. If properly trained, the Pit Bull will benefit because he had not known the nature of surrender, excellent endurance, fearless and remarkable power. Pit Bull can be trained to pull loads, track impressions, guard dog, guarding livestock.

Privileges Pit Bull

1. Power lock jaw (Jaw Locking) is strong
Pit Bull jaws are recognized to have in excess of other dogs, even she was able to free hanging for several minutes with the bite of certain targets or objects. In America there are efforts to breed Pit Bull with larger sizes up to 70 cm tall and weighs 70 kg

2. Pressure bite
Pit Bull has a bite force to 2000 pounds / square inch than any other dog dog. Can you imagine if he bit her life which he considers dangerous mahkluh

3. Interesting Expenses
In experiments performed IWPA (International Weight Pulling Association) Pit Bull 1-35 pound class successfully pull loads weighing over 250 kg wheel system

4. Physical endurance Prima
These dogs are as described above have remarkable resilience. This was due to adrenaline production levels Pit Bull dog more than the other Aning. in a loud arena fight, attack of the opponent is so deadly Pit Bull makes the dog get used to experience pain

5. Not aggressive towards humans
Unlike the assumption of outstanding, Pitbull just not aggressive toward humans. Of course, should be trained to socialize first. In ancient times Pit Bull precisely in handling by strangers.

6. Faithful
Pit Bull has a tremendous loyalty towards his master. He has an instinct to protect the immediate family with a high concentration

Care and training
Pit Bull short fur that makes it easy for dogs in care. But there is no harm if occasionally brushed for biodegradable than dirt. Pit Bull was born with eyes closed and ears shut. The ears will stand at the age of 3-4 months or after a full teeth. In the train or walking in the crowd should give the Pit Bull on leash for easy control.

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  1. Idiot, there is no such thing as a lock jaw mechanism, they tend to hold their bite, but that's a trade from the terrier.

    Pitbulls do not have a significantly higher bite peruse than any other dogs in their weight class...

    Check your facts before writing an article like this...

    I am a proud pitbull owner I have 6, they are not aggressive dogs, tho they do have a high gamnes wich is why they the preffered breed for dogfighting...


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