Friday, March 25, 2011

Akita Hachiko: National Treasure in Japan

DOG. I say hell Akita dog in japanese village there but because already a national treasure in Japan so hard to bring out the Japanese, especially in Indonesia is very rare so this is why the type akita expensive (actually generally more expensive than in the Chow-Chow, but because more enthusiasts to the Chow-Chow hence more demand to China this dog.
Akita in addition to faithful also stubborn weather resistant as in his native country he used in summer to winter and according to stylish brought akita from the Chow-Chow, stomach anywhere that even heavy either male or female akita can be up to 50 kg more and the size can reach the Samoyed.
akita that is renowned for its faithful loyal alias of hers so even if he dies it will be difficult to switch to another host, in Japan akita made himself a symbol of allegiance because once there is an akita 1940s who often accompanied his master to go to the train station and wait for her return to work until one day the master died. Akita is still every morning to go to the station until the afternoon waiting for his master came home, until the end of life of the dog continues to wait for his master at the train station

It costs how much? because of high demand so the price is slightly less at Chow-Chow (maybe not booming kale) to around Rp 15 million saplings and adult USD 35-40 million with a note if you are lucky to find a breeder in Indonesia, it is important to remember I never see a sale akita in Jakarta, but its shape rada-rada how gituh searchingly searchingly have turned out a lot of pure ngak akita that marry silangin alias in a cursory Just like aja (the basis of Indonesia). Just as Chow-Chow akita could be crazy (I mean the price) if the color is whitesnow / white snow is a rare color obtained by the breeder.

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