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Birman Cat: Show Standards & Treatment

Cat.Birman cat known as a cat who does not have a hereditary disease. To date, no congenital diseases in animals native descent (Purebred). However, it could not hurt a cat checked thoroughly before buying because even though not a hereditary disease, it does not mean cats can not have a health problem at all. Get used to discuss parenting and their parents and brothers and sisters who want to buy a cat with the breeder.

Birman Cat Health
Extermination fleas in cats is recommended to be done once a month, especially in the transition period (transition). It is normal for a long-haired cat losing season during transition (from heat to dry or vice versa). High humidity levels are the main factors that cause it.
Changing your diet during such a transition was not recommended because it can lead to things that are not desired. Maintain a normal diet. If you really want to change it, do it gradually and little by little. 20-30-50 is the best formula for dietary changes.
What is the formula of 20-30-50? Basically, the formula is the stage that is used in dietary changes. Add 20% of foods that would be introduced to your cat on her usual food consumption. After a week, add to 30%. In the next week, add 50%. If the process no problem, basically changing dietary patterns can be performed.

Diet & Hygiene Cat Birman
To clean the Birman cat who performed at least once a week, I recommend to brush their fur for 15 minutes. This can help grow hair.
In sub-tropical countries, this type of cat should be bathed at least six months. However, in the more humid areas such as tropical countries, inio cats should be bathed at least once a month. Birman Cats love to be touched, so bathing them is much easier than with other types of bathing cats. Birman need more fat for better growth of fur, so they need to be given food other than dry food. A good diet for type Birman kitten who is 12 weeks to 6 months is to provide the raw meat twice a week (cuts of beef are best). Never give cow's milk Birman cat. Clean and fresh water is recommended. In tropical countries like Indonesia, should neighborhood Birman cat is equipped with a fan to keep them from overheating. However, you should not use the AC because the AC is more humid, so this kind of cat fur will deflate.

Birman Cat Show Standards
Head (including size and shape of the eye) = 25
Body (including tail size, shape, length and bone) = 25
The length and texture of fur = 10
Hair color = 10
Gloves and feet = 20
Eye color = 5
Overall = 5
Total Points = 100

Birman Cat: Cats from the State of Burma.

CAT. Birman Cat, From the name we already know where this cat? Yep really did not like cats turkish van that may be considered to be those derived from the Turkish state, but does not he? Birman cats come from the state of Burma. These cats usually live at the temple. In fact there is a belief if the cat is dead shrine.So the ghost of a special cat will be accompanied by a ghost priest (humans).
According to a historical record. Birman cat began to spread around the world such as the Ragdoll in 1919. Are two nationals peracis namely Auguste Pavie and Gordon Russell who won a prize pair of Birman cats for helping the priests of the temple. But dear dear thousand male cat died on the way but luckily a female cat is pregnant. So congratulations deh. Although finally had time to grow in 1925, but due to economic recession and world war.
But after the end of the second world war slowly but surely, race cat is finally growing again. Until finally in 1966 the English acknowledge race as a kind of pure Birman cats.
So what's the characteristics of this cat type.

Weighing between 4-6 kg.
Colour pattern similar to the color point with more pale on the ears, face, legs and tail.
Tail and neck feathers of the most prominent is thick and smooth
The length of the cat's body is but the form of strapping.
Unlike the Abyssinian cat who has long ears. This cat-sized ears and curved.
Cats are very fond of humans. interested in Burmese cats?

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Akita Hachiko: National Treasure in Japan

DOG. I say hell Akita dog in japanese village there but because already a national treasure in Japan so hard to bring out the Japanese, especially in Indonesia is very rare so this is why the type akita expensive (actually generally more expensive than in the Chow-Chow, but because more enthusiasts to the Chow-Chow hence more demand to China this dog.
Akita in addition to faithful also stubborn weather resistant as in his native country he used in summer to winter and according to stylish brought akita from the Chow-Chow, stomach anywhere that even heavy either male or female akita can be up to 50 kg more and the size can reach the Samoyed.
akita that is renowned for its faithful loyal alias of hers so even if he dies it will be difficult to switch to another host, in Japan akita made himself a symbol of allegiance because once there is an akita 1940s who often accompanied his master to go to the train station and wait for her return to work until one day the master died. Akita is still every morning to go to the station until the afternoon waiting for his master came home, until the end of life of the dog continues to wait for his master at the train station

It costs how much? because of high demand so the price is slightly less at Chow-Chow (maybe not booming kale) to around Rp 15 million saplings and adult USD 35-40 million with a note if you are lucky to find a breeder in Indonesia, it is important to remember I never see a sale akita in Jakarta, but its shape rada-rada how gituh searchingly searchingly have turned out a lot of pure ngak akita that marry silangin alias in a cursory Just like aja (the basis of Indonesia). Just as Chow-Chow akita could be crazy (I mean the price) if the color is whitesnow / white snow is a rare color obtained by the breeder.

Samoyed: dog from north pole

DOG. most expensive dog is a dog originally from the north pole Samoyed named the polar bear-like shape makes it look manly, ngak ama kesengsem surprised many, especially men of this type. So what this dog can become expensive very simple aja Samoyed is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world is left totally there are 14 species of the oldest breeds, the 14th of this type already menggongong on earth since 4000 thousand years ago.
Many of the Breeders are able to make and maintain this type in Indonesia in because it is sensitive and not suited to the tropical climate, so breeders are required to have a strong readiness maintenance ranging from food to a special place that kudu are equipped with air conditioning to fit their natural habitat .
Then you all races jelly Samoyed in Indonesia is slightly different from what hayooo outside the diff? .. I hell according to because of adaptation and maintenance of the less well Samoyed beyond its weight for males can reach 25-35kg and height is more than knee-length adult females are about 17-25kg and height are equal to males, but in Indonesia is much smaller in size, his fur was not selebat like out there. Domestic food is not for Samoyed (requires a lot of fat than other nutrients) and maintenance of erroneous because at the poles of this dog is not on display but to pull the sleigh and keep the house of the polar bear as a result dramatically shrunk in size in Indonesia.

In fact, I rarely see Samoyed ngak resembling shepherd?? Far from the polar bear is fat and large, the food on the market can not meet the needs of Samoyeds and lack of exercise (due to its function pull trains) and the tropical climate should be a new type that is constrained Samoyed Samoyed asia .. he ... he
Keep the price is how to measure puppynya around Rp 30 million and for adults ranging from least expensive (like shepherd) about USD 80 million to a hundred million more (Samoyed Samoyed really)

Bulldog: Watchdog

DOG. Uniqueness Bulldog puppy can be viewed in terms of posture, this dog has a medium body size. His body was stocky and full. His chest was broad with a short snout. Bulldong foot is relatively short, but it looks sturdy. It has a short tail which usually leads down. Bulldog body weight between 30-40 kg. bulldog has a smooth and short hair with color combinations. Excessive black color on the bulldog is not so attractive people. They prefer the combination of chocolate, Fawn, Brindle and white.
We'll often hear about a bulldog, this dog is one of the dog family favorite. Behind the sturdy body of a bulldog, very friendly to human nature embedded in this dog. That is why many people keep dogs of this type. Bulldog including the oldest breeds from Great Britain. Dogs are also often called the national dog of England. In ancient times these dogs are kept for ditarungkan with a cow or bull. However, around the year 1835 the British government banned dog fight. Since then the bulldog began to be maintained and become a loyal family dog.
Bulldog is very difficult to breed normally. Artificial insemination to fertilize it needed from the doctor. This is due to the anatomy of the body of the bulldog. Very rare bulldog gave birth normally. Usually done by Caesarean section. Bulldog very playful with children. These dogs also can be companions for children. Its a brave, loyal and friendly it is suitable as a guard dog at our house.

Often times there are ads "dogs for sale Bulldog puppies at a price ...". In buying and selling a bulldog, most sellers do not openly about the price. Many sellers want to sell their bulldog with a high price. Moreover, when including the quality of imports. Bulldog prices ranged between 5-6 million for an adult. However, if a bulldog type Home bulldong best quality, the price offered can penetrate the number 25 million. To convince the buyers, often included photos bulldog offered.

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Most Unique Cat

Cat. the most uniqie cat is Turkish Angora,Scottish Fold, Sphynx, Peterbald, Oriental Shorthair

Sphynx. This strange cat breed rare, he said Sphynx is also known as hairy Canada. This cat is known for its development are still poorly understood. Sphynx the first successful breed was the cat who first appeared in 1966.
Scottish Fold. This cat looks like an owl called a Scottish Fold. It is also sometimes called Coupari, breeding with gene mutations with dominant-nature that made his ear contains cartilage and cause ear bent folded forward and down toward the front of their heads. real name is actually flops to "floppy" ears. Fold Scottish name that evolved into the name in 1966.
Peterbald. Other cats and strange breed is Peterbald. He is from Russia. They are actually not without hairy but is more like a very short hair. A Peterbald has a sleek and elegant way that a typical head: narrow and long with straight profile, almond-shaped eyes and big ears. They lose the hair gene and the appearance of their skin color is gray.
Oriental Shorthair. This unique cat breed with the name of the Oriental Shorthair was mentioned looks like a dog. This cat combines the body of dogs and cats with a variety of colors and patterns. She This breed with better intelligence and a very friendly animal. They have a distinctive nature curious, friendly, emotional, demanding and often quite vocal.
Turkish Angora. As the name means this strange cat breed in Turkey. Turkish Angora eye that makes a unique breed. His eyes may be blue, green or yellow, or an even blue and one yellow. Genes responsible for white coat and blue eye is closely related to the ability to hear, and the presence of blue eye can indicate the cat's eyes are blue means deaf ear on that side.
love pets.

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Tiffany Cats

Cats. This time we will membahasa Ras Cats Tiffany. How and what kind of cat is this? Around 1967 in New York, United States .... Neotype Cattery owner named Jennie Robinson to buy a house and turned out in home sales, they also received a package a couple of cats as well.Cat name is Thomas and Shirley. But not known about the background and the type of cat from its parent. Type cat has a brown color and fluffy semi longhair and semi-foreign body type. Eventually the couple gave birth to six cats were kittens. Strangely all kittens like her a light brown solid. Then Jennie Robinson makes a cat pengembangbiakkan program. Precisely in 1970 Jennie Thomas and Shirley register their cats and their children to the ACA (American Association paint)

Some experts suspect that cats serve targeted only the descendants of the Burmese. But they do not have the sepia color that are characteristic burnese. Some cats tersebur sold to Sigyn Lund (Burmese cat breeder). Then he introduced the race Tifanny Because the numbers are slightly ACA Race Cat Tiffany finally remove this. But not long ago in Canada there are many cat lovers who find this race and decided to preserve them.

Tiffany cat traits:
Semi-foreign body type
weight between 4-5 kg
Shape of the head almost like a triangle
short snout
small chin
Large ears
Wide cheekbones
Having a tail adorned with soft fur
Eye color is gold
Of course, typical of a brown cat species
These cats really like humans .. though not too lazy and industrious.

Toyger cats

Cats. Toyger is a medium sized cat with fur like stunned. Toyger has temperamin good with good health and resistance to disease
Ideal color is dark orange with black stripes like the tiger. The pattern of stripes should be extended without any spot. Small and round ears. Overall Toyger pertulangan structure is solid and balanced.

Ras cat is the result of hybridization with domestic cats ornery. The aim is to produce a small tiger could be invited to play and kept in the house. Toyger own words is an abbreviation of "Toy Tiger" (Tiger could be invited to play).

Ras Toyger discovered and developed by Judy Sugden, owner of a Cattery in America called "EEYAAS Cattery". Toyger produced by cross-striped domestic cat (tabby) is a short pile, with the Standard Bengal Tabby. After years of hard work, marriage is to produce cats cats with color stripes like a tiger.

This race is still in pengembangan.Pertama was recognized for registration by The International Cat Association (THREE) in the early 1990's. Some breeder in the U.S. and Britain tried to develop this race. Toyger Preliminary New Breed status in 2000. And in May of 2007 is expected to gain full status in the contest cat (Championship status).

This article is taken from cats Toyger articles. Actually want to write about race this cat with the phrase itself. But because the chance is there that I had to write ya ulan publish it.

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PITBULL: the family's pet dog

Irish native dog was first bred for the purpose of fighting bull, bear or lion, even against fellow dogs. Over time Pitbull is no longer just be a dog fighter, but also a police dog, work order and also the family's pet dog. Because of advantages in its ability, then anything can be done by the other dogs can be done by Pitbull well even more perfect. This is evidenced by recording the name of a Pitbull that is "Bandog Dread" in the Guinness Book of Records as the dog winning the most titles in history, which until now could not be overthrown by a dog of another breed.

Characteristics Standart Pitbull

1. Mental:

Rarely barks, very familiar and loyal to children and other family members, wary of strangers but not aggressive, very brave and never give up (gameness).

2. Physical:

Stocky-shaped head with protruding jaw muscles firm, his nose red, black, blue and purple, yellow eyes, brown or black. Sturdy muscular body, height between 50-67 cm weighing between 17-50 kg, tail hanging straight with a strong movement. Short fur with brown hair color, black, white, yellow, striped or mix.


Mentally very stable, easy maintenance, very tame toward humans, have almost no fear. Muscles are very strong, the average bite pressure of 1 to 1.5 tons, high pain tolerance and incredible physical resilience.


DOG. Privileges pitbull in a fight is not a new thing for the community more dog lovers around the world, even ordinary people who can only recognize a few breeds of dogs only. Pitbull is a natural born killer, it can not be denied, because it's Pitbull was born with a physical condition that is very potential to be the murder weapon. Strong jaw muscles, joints, elastic, sturdy frame and also gland hormones that have the ability to abundant production of adrenal hormones causing Pitbull can withstand tremendous pain, also doing a very heavy burden that weighs like pulling up to 100 times the weight body. In order to understand the pitbull as a race with its own uniqueness is not an easy thing, because it has many side Pitbull quite complicated to learn, so that it can take quite a bit of Pitbull primarily to interact with itself. So if you have first antipathy toward this race, it is unlikely that you can understand it as a race that has the features of other races. Not intended to lower the other breeds, but scientifically through a series of tests, such as the one temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society Pitbull get top ranking in terms of mental stability, even over the Golden Retriever who until recently considered a favorite dog family. In the above Pitbull temperament test scores 84.1%, while the Golden Retriever scores 83.8%, so the logic Golden Retriever with a look of funny that people have better bite than the Pitbull who looks grim.
Indeed, the real question should be asked is where the race is more often attack humans, Pitbull or other races such as Herder, Dooberman even Golden. Because the shadows of people until now of course only based on the news in the media who reported about the attacks by dogs on humans. Indeed when the disputed result of the attacks, of course Pitbull does not provide for any other option except kemaitan attacked or disability, this is the harsh reality that must be recognized because the Pitbull breed developed for centuries to kill. On the other hand we also have to excuse the media that it must choose the sensational news, which caused minor injuries bite Rotweiler certainly not very attractive when compared to deaths from Pitbull attack.

Besides a result of excessive media exposure, many breeders Pitbull with money-oriented foundation has also contributed greatly to the poor reputation in the eyes of the public Pitbull. One idea where Pitbull is no longer pitted but only intended as a pet or family dog, is not the wrong thing, but in its development of a Pitbull is no longer showing prominence as a special breed, but just a mutt with a big head and body are frightening. Even if you want to be compared with the legend of the Old Type Pitbull like Teddy Recine's Danger, Loyd's Paddy, or the Holy Grail of Garner's Chinaman, Pitbull today's quality is very much different both physically and mentally. In the era of Old Type Pitbull Pitbull almost can not find a bite humans, carpenters bongsor howl even though. Type in the era of Old Pitbull Pitbull has the body of a Greyhound and head of the bear with the temperament of Persian cats.
If we consider the fact above, there will arise a question how can Pitbull today who have the blood of the warlords era of Old Type Pitbull has the qualities under his predecessor, even many of them have a bad character. A definitive answer is evolution, evolutionary change anything that can be changed through a process of conditioning. Pitbull does not just have the strength and exceptional durability, at the beginning of an ancient tradition in Britain Biting Bull Pitbull also just a plain mongrel which are found all over Ireland, but after going through the process of fighting for centuries, the Pitbull has also experienced good evolution in terms of physical and mental, in a faster, stronger, flexible and smart and stable. Evolution is indeed should be done by Pitbull because he had to face opponents bigger, stronger and faster, so that inevitably Pitbull should improve performances.

In the era of Old Type Pitbull, Pitbull in those days was conditioned through fight pits, so that the results obtained in breeding is temperament is stable, locking jaw, high pain tolerance, and most importantly the gameness. In today's Pitbull many dibreeding with shape parameter of the head, body shape and color of nose hairs as well, so the quality obtained is a dog with a good physique without maintaining the quality of mental, physical performance may even, so it is a setback. Indeed, in terms of mental sometimes formed a dog that is not aggressive towards humans, but in this case is not an aggressive dog is not because he has mentally stable but the dog had indeed lost his courage as a Pitbull, easy way to prove this theory at all, try at Pitbull who not aggressive with rattan or bamboo, Pitbull Pitbull cowards will run away while the brave will fight but when the gun discharged and we do not behave aggressively, immediately Pitbull will be back gently. Pitbull is a good addition also must use the brain in the attack, he must not attack the children, because it's not a threat to him, although sometimes ignorant with the eyes or pull tails beat Pitbull.
Pitbull old standard rarely used in breeding, even gameness probably just a myth. Especially compounded with disilangnya Pitbull with other races such as the Great Dane, mastiff or Rottweiler, then the identity of even this increasingly endangered breeds. A difficult choice if a Pitbull lover faced with two options, namely a nice body with the ability of bad, or ugly body with great ability. If possible there must be a third option that is a good agency with good ability as well. This is probably now being sought by breeders of pitbull with the latest vision through the process of allowance Game Test to establish new ground for the match quality blodline Pitbul the golden era, the era of Old Type Pitbull.

PITBULL: Dog fighter

DOG. Pit Bull Dog is famous for its aggressive nature and buasnya. Images are not easily removed from the view of the clouds. But is it true that Pit Bull segarang imaged during this? The following article may increase your references in view of the Pit Bull dog
Pit Bull began to bloom in the 19th century when the rise of a dog fighting competition. At that Pit Bull dogs in the form of the character into a resilient fighter, aggressive and obedient to the command master. How such training with a supportive environment eventually led to bully pitbull pitbull
In Uncle Sam's country, Pit Bull inserted into the category of wild animals so that some states prohibit their citizens maintain the Pit Bull. But instead of getting banned from the low tide, on the contrary, the hobbyists clandestinely cultivate hide. Even the U.S. Marines make the Pit Bull dog as a mascot unity and propaganda tool

Pitbull is actually a term often used to describe several types of dogs that have similar physical form. This use is often vague vague to explain certain dog breeds. There are several types of dog called a Pit Bull in a country that uses English as the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Perro de Pressa Canario, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Alano Espanol, Japanese Tosa, Dogue de Bordeaux, and Perro de Peiea. APBT and keluara magnitude is incorporated into a bigger family that is Molossian. Data from history

century was recorded in 16-17 have a dog similar to a Pit Bull today and used to fight with the bulls or bears. The document also reported that five male Pit Bull can kill a bear or three tails Pit Bull is enough to kill a lion.
From the genetic side there are 2 versions of the birth of the Pit Bull. The first version states Pit Bull is a pure race or pure breed Pit Bull while the other version is a cross of several breeds of dogs including Home Bulldog and Staffordshire. In the development Pit Bull have developed blood lines Cork and Kerry in Ireland are marked with a red nose, while the second strain was developed in England with a black muzzle
However the nature of Pit Bull really depends on how he formed and trained. If properly trained, the Pit Bull will benefit because he had not known the nature of surrender, excellent endurance, fearless and remarkable power. Pit Bull can be trained to pull loads, track impressions, guard dog, guarding livestock.

Privileges Pit Bull

1. Power lock jaw (Jaw Locking) is strong
Pit Bull jaws are recognized to have in excess of other dogs, even she was able to free hanging for several minutes with the bite of certain targets or objects. In America there are efforts to breed Pit Bull with larger sizes up to 70 cm tall and weighs 70 kg

2. Pressure bite
Pit Bull has a bite force to 2000 pounds / square inch than any other dog dog. Can you imagine if he bit her life which he considers dangerous mahkluh

3. Interesting Expenses
In experiments performed IWPA (International Weight Pulling Association) Pit Bull 1-35 pound class successfully pull loads weighing over 250 kg wheel system

4. Physical endurance Prima
These dogs are as described above have remarkable resilience. This was due to adrenaline production levels Pit Bull dog more than the other Aning. in a loud arena fight, attack of the opponent is so deadly Pit Bull makes the dog get used to experience pain

5. Not aggressive towards humans
Unlike the assumption of outstanding, Pitbull just not aggressive toward humans. Of course, should be trained to socialize first. In ancient times Pit Bull precisely in handling by strangers.

6. Faithful
Pit Bull has a tremendous loyalty towards his master. He has an instinct to protect the immediate family with a high concentration

Care and training
Pit Bull short fur that makes it easy for dogs in care. But there is no harm if occasionally brushed for biodegradable than dirt. Pit Bull was born with eyes closed and ears shut. The ears will stand at the age of 3-4 months or after a full teeth. In the train or walking in the crowd should give the Pit Bull on leash for easy control.

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9 World's Best Dog

1. Rottweiler
In the list of expert and police, these dogs have a fearsome reputation. In fact, this dog has the potential to be a good family dog. Rotty is not only smart, Rotty also have the courage of a very large (one of the best guard dog) and reliable

2. Shetland Sheepdog

You still remember Lessie? Well here's the star! Many of these dog owners who say that their intelligence level is almost the same with humans! Shelties bred to be a shepherd hundreds of sheep, because it requires concentration, and of course intelligence. Sometimes she can be a bit wary of strangers and children, but very loyal and gentle with their owners. In fact, these dogs are happy to be a human companion. What you see on TV, almost close to its original nature.

3. Poodle
standard poodle puppy who also have high intelligence and very easily trained. They were happy to be among men, and hate to be left alone. Behind that adorable appearance, poodle dog was also used as hunting dogs.

4. The Papilon
What is scary dog? Yep! These dogs are supposed to be scary, because they are far more resilient than it appears. Papilons is a bit moody and aggressive and very possessive of his parents and a 'member in the house'. Maybe a little bit surprising if papilons said to be the most gentle dog. Papilons a very intelligent dog and easy to train.

5. Golden Retriever
Dogs owned by a million people. These dogs are popular because of loyal, affectionate, gentle and very close to the children, she has a natural instinct to please people and other animals. With intelligence above the average, not surprising that golden retrievers are very adept at a variety of obedience Competitions and playing tricks.

6. German Shepherd
Very smart, brave and have a strong protective intinct. When trained from childhood, they can become a good family dog for children. Because of their intelligence, they need a goal and work for their happiness. Therefore, this type of dog is suitable to be police dogs.
7. Border Collie
Collie needs a job. If he is unemployed, they will not be happy. Collie is not recommended to be left alone. They need a companion, praise and latiahan intensive. If you work outside the city, do not think to have this dog, because it is really not suitable for you. Intelligence legendary collie, competition for even this dog is different from the others, such as speed tests, obedience and herding sheep of course challenges.

8. Doberman Pinscher
Very loyal, forceful and feared. They have tremendous stamina and love to work. Although it is known they have sifaf dominate, Dobermans can be quite easily controlled, and they even worked as a dog for therapy in hospitals. They can be good family dogs if trained from childhood. Although not seberingas pitbull / terrier, you can rely on the aggressive protection when needed.

9. Australian Cattle Dog
This breed is very active. They need regular exercise, both physically and mentally. They were originally bred in Australia. They are an independent thinker, creative (in the version of the dog) and very protective of their properties, including people.

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