Monday, March 28, 2011

Birman Cat: Cats from the State of Burma.

CAT. Birman Cat, From the name we already know where this cat? Yep really did not like cats turkish van that may be considered to be those derived from the Turkish state, but does not he? Birman cats come from the state of Burma. These cats usually live at the temple. In fact there is a belief if the cat is dead shrine.So the ghost of a special cat will be accompanied by a ghost priest (humans).
According to a historical record. Birman cat began to spread around the world such as the Ragdoll in 1919. Are two nationals peracis namely Auguste Pavie and Gordon Russell who won a prize pair of Birman cats for helping the priests of the temple. But dear dear thousand male cat died on the way but luckily a female cat is pregnant. So congratulations deh. Although finally had time to grow in 1925, but due to economic recession and world war.
But after the end of the second world war slowly but surely, race cat is finally growing again. Until finally in 1966 the English acknowledge race as a kind of pure Birman cats.
So what's the characteristics of this cat type.

Weighing between 4-6 kg.
Colour pattern similar to the color point with more pale on the ears, face, legs and tail.
Tail and neck feathers of the most prominent is thick and smooth
The length of the cat's body is but the form of strapping.
Unlike the Abyssinian cat who has long ears. This cat-sized ears and curved.
Cats are very fond of humans. interested in Burmese cats?

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