Thursday, March 24, 2011

Most Unique Cat

Cat. the most uniqie cat is Turkish Angora,Scottish Fold, Sphynx, Peterbald, Oriental Shorthair

Sphynx. This strange cat breed rare, he said Sphynx is also known as hairy Canada. This cat is known for its development are still poorly understood. Sphynx the first successful breed was the cat who first appeared in 1966.
Scottish Fold. This cat looks like an owl called a Scottish Fold. It is also sometimes called Coupari, breeding with gene mutations with dominant-nature that made his ear contains cartilage and cause ear bent folded forward and down toward the front of their heads. real name is actually flops to "floppy" ears. Fold Scottish name that evolved into the name in 1966.
Peterbald. Other cats and strange breed is Peterbald. He is from Russia. They are actually not without hairy but is more like a very short hair. A Peterbald has a sleek and elegant way that a typical head: narrow and long with straight profile, almond-shaped eyes and big ears. They lose the hair gene and the appearance of their skin color is gray.
Oriental Shorthair. This unique cat breed with the name of the Oriental Shorthair was mentioned looks like a dog. This cat combines the body of dogs and cats with a variety of colors and patterns. She This breed with better intelligence and a very friendly animal. They have a distinctive nature curious, friendly, emotional, demanding and often quite vocal.
Turkish Angora. As the name means this strange cat breed in Turkey. Turkish Angora eye that makes a unique breed. His eyes may be blue, green or yellow, or an even blue and one yellow. Genes responsible for white coat and blue eye is closely related to the ability to hear, and the presence of blue eye can indicate the cat's eyes are blue means deaf ear on that side.
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