Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 World's Best Dog

1. Rottweiler
In the list of expert and police, these dogs have a fearsome reputation. In fact, this dog has the potential to be a good family dog. Rotty is not only smart, Rotty also have the courage of a very large (one of the best guard dog) and reliable

2. Shetland Sheepdog

You still remember Lessie? Well here's the star! Many of these dog owners who say that their intelligence level is almost the same with humans! Shelties bred to be a shepherd hundreds of sheep, because it requires concentration, and of course intelligence. Sometimes she can be a bit wary of strangers and children, but very loyal and gentle with their owners. In fact, these dogs are happy to be a human companion. What you see on TV, almost close to its original nature.

3. Poodle
standard poodle puppy who also have high intelligence and very easily trained. They were happy to be among men, and hate to be left alone. Behind that adorable appearance, poodle dog was also used as hunting dogs.

4. The Papilon
What is scary dog? Yep! These dogs are supposed to be scary, because they are far more resilient than it appears. Papilons is a bit moody and aggressive and very possessive of his parents and a 'member in the house'. Maybe a little bit surprising if papilons said to be the most gentle dog. Papilons a very intelligent dog and easy to train.

5. Golden Retriever
Dogs owned by a million people. These dogs are popular because of loyal, affectionate, gentle and very close to the children, she has a natural instinct to please people and other animals. With intelligence above the average, not surprising that golden retrievers are very adept at a variety of obedience Competitions and playing tricks.

6. German Shepherd
Very smart, brave and have a strong protective intinct. When trained from childhood, they can become a good family dog for children. Because of their intelligence, they need a goal and work for their happiness. Therefore, this type of dog is suitable to be police dogs.
7. Border Collie
Collie needs a job. If he is unemployed, they will not be happy. Collie is not recommended to be left alone. They need a companion, praise and latiahan intensive. If you work outside the city, do not think to have this dog, because it is really not suitable for you. Intelligence legendary collie, competition for even this dog is different from the others, such as speed tests, obedience and herding sheep of course challenges.

8. Doberman Pinscher
Very loyal, forceful and feared. They have tremendous stamina and love to work. Although it is known they have sifaf dominate, Dobermans can be quite easily controlled, and they even worked as a dog for therapy in hospitals. They can be good family dogs if trained from childhood. Although not seberingas pitbull / terrier, you can rely on the aggressive protection when needed.

9. Australian Cattle Dog
This breed is very active. They need regular exercise, both physically and mentally. They were originally bred in Australia. They are an independent thinker, creative (in the version of the dog) and very protective of their properties, including people.

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