Friday, March 11, 2011

PITBULL: the family's pet dog

Irish native dog was first bred for the purpose of fighting bull, bear or lion, even against fellow dogs. Over time Pitbull is no longer just be a dog fighter, but also a police dog, work order and also the family's pet dog. Because of advantages in its ability, then anything can be done by the other dogs can be done by Pitbull well even more perfect. This is evidenced by recording the name of a Pitbull that is "Bandog Dread" in the Guinness Book of Records as the dog winning the most titles in history, which until now could not be overthrown by a dog of another breed.

Characteristics Standart Pitbull

1. Mental:

Rarely barks, very familiar and loyal to children and other family members, wary of strangers but not aggressive, very brave and never give up (gameness).

2. Physical:

Stocky-shaped head with protruding jaw muscles firm, his nose red, black, blue and purple, yellow eyes, brown or black. Sturdy muscular body, height between 50-67 cm weighing between 17-50 kg, tail hanging straight with a strong movement. Short fur with brown hair color, black, white, yellow, striped or mix.


Mentally very stable, easy maintenance, very tame toward humans, have almost no fear. Muscles are very strong, the average bite pressure of 1 to 1.5 tons, high pain tolerance and incredible physical resilience.

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