Friday, March 11, 2011


DOG. Privileges pitbull in a fight is not a new thing for the community more dog lovers around the world, even ordinary people who can only recognize a few breeds of dogs only. Pitbull is a natural born killer, it can not be denied, because it's Pitbull was born with a physical condition that is very potential to be the murder weapon. Strong jaw muscles, joints, elastic, sturdy frame and also gland hormones that have the ability to abundant production of adrenal hormones causing Pitbull can withstand tremendous pain, also doing a very heavy burden that weighs like pulling up to 100 times the weight body. In order to understand the pitbull as a race with its own uniqueness is not an easy thing, because it has many side Pitbull quite complicated to learn, so that it can take quite a bit of Pitbull primarily to interact with itself. So if you have first antipathy toward this race, it is unlikely that you can understand it as a race that has the features of other races. Not intended to lower the other breeds, but scientifically through a series of tests, such as the one temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society Pitbull get top ranking in terms of mental stability, even over the Golden Retriever who until recently considered a favorite dog family. In the above Pitbull temperament test scores 84.1%, while the Golden Retriever scores 83.8%, so the logic Golden Retriever with a look of funny that people have better bite than the Pitbull who looks grim.
Indeed, the real question should be asked is where the race is more often attack humans, Pitbull or other races such as Herder, Dooberman even Golden. Because the shadows of people until now of course only based on the news in the media who reported about the attacks by dogs on humans. Indeed when the disputed result of the attacks, of course Pitbull does not provide for any other option except kemaitan attacked or disability, this is the harsh reality that must be recognized because the Pitbull breed developed for centuries to kill. On the other hand we also have to excuse the media that it must choose the sensational news, which caused minor injuries bite Rotweiler certainly not very attractive when compared to deaths from Pitbull attack.

Besides a result of excessive media exposure, many breeders Pitbull with money-oriented foundation has also contributed greatly to the poor reputation in the eyes of the public Pitbull. One idea where Pitbull is no longer pitted but only intended as a pet or family dog, is not the wrong thing, but in its development of a Pitbull is no longer showing prominence as a special breed, but just a mutt with a big head and body are frightening. Even if you want to be compared with the legend of the Old Type Pitbull like Teddy Recine's Danger, Loyd's Paddy, or the Holy Grail of Garner's Chinaman, Pitbull today's quality is very much different both physically and mentally. In the era of Old Type Pitbull Pitbull almost can not find a bite humans, carpenters bongsor howl even though. Type in the era of Old Pitbull Pitbull has the body of a Greyhound and head of the bear with the temperament of Persian cats.
If we consider the fact above, there will arise a question how can Pitbull today who have the blood of the warlords era of Old Type Pitbull has the qualities under his predecessor, even many of them have a bad character. A definitive answer is evolution, evolutionary change anything that can be changed through a process of conditioning. Pitbull does not just have the strength and exceptional durability, at the beginning of an ancient tradition in Britain Biting Bull Pitbull also just a plain mongrel which are found all over Ireland, but after going through the process of fighting for centuries, the Pitbull has also experienced good evolution in terms of physical and mental, in a faster, stronger, flexible and smart and stable. Evolution is indeed should be done by Pitbull because he had to face opponents bigger, stronger and faster, so that inevitably Pitbull should improve performances.

In the era of Old Type Pitbull, Pitbull in those days was conditioned through fight pits, so that the results obtained in breeding is temperament is stable, locking jaw, high pain tolerance, and most importantly the gameness. In today's Pitbull many dibreeding with shape parameter of the head, body shape and color of nose hairs as well, so the quality obtained is a dog with a good physique without maintaining the quality of mental, physical performance may even, so it is a setback. Indeed, in terms of mental sometimes formed a dog that is not aggressive towards humans, but in this case is not an aggressive dog is not because he has mentally stable but the dog had indeed lost his courage as a Pitbull, easy way to prove this theory at all, try at Pitbull who not aggressive with rattan or bamboo, Pitbull Pitbull cowards will run away while the brave will fight but when the gun discharged and we do not behave aggressively, immediately Pitbull will be back gently. Pitbull is a good addition also must use the brain in the attack, he must not attack the children, because it's not a threat to him, although sometimes ignorant with the eyes or pull tails beat Pitbull.
Pitbull old standard rarely used in breeding, even gameness probably just a myth. Especially compounded with disilangnya Pitbull with other races such as the Great Dane, mastiff or Rottweiler, then the identity of even this increasingly endangered breeds. A difficult choice if a Pitbull lover faced with two options, namely a nice body with the ability of bad, or ugly body with great ability. If possible there must be a third option that is a good agency with good ability as well. This is probably now being sought by breeders of pitbull with the latest vision through the process of allowance Game Test to establish new ground for the match quality blodline Pitbul the golden era, the era of Old Type Pitbull.

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