Friday, March 25, 2011

Samoyed: dog from north pole

DOG. most expensive dog is a dog originally from the north pole Samoyed named the polar bear-like shape makes it look manly, ngak ama kesengsem surprised many, especially men of this type. So what this dog can become expensive very simple aja Samoyed is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world is left totally there are 14 species of the oldest breeds, the 14th of this type already menggongong on earth since 4000 thousand years ago.
Many of the Breeders are able to make and maintain this type in Indonesia in because it is sensitive and not suited to the tropical climate, so breeders are required to have a strong readiness maintenance ranging from food to a special place that kudu are equipped with air conditioning to fit their natural habitat .
Then you all races jelly Samoyed in Indonesia is slightly different from what hayooo outside the diff? .. I hell according to because of adaptation and maintenance of the less well Samoyed beyond its weight for males can reach 25-35kg and height is more than knee-length adult females are about 17-25kg and height are equal to males, but in Indonesia is much smaller in size, his fur was not selebat like out there. Domestic food is not for Samoyed (requires a lot of fat than other nutrients) and maintenance of erroneous because at the poles of this dog is not on display but to pull the sleigh and keep the house of the polar bear as a result dramatically shrunk in size in Indonesia.

In fact, I rarely see Samoyed ngak resembling shepherd?? Far from the polar bear is fat and large, the food on the market can not meet the needs of Samoyeds and lack of exercise (due to its function pull trains) and the tropical climate should be a new type that is constrained Samoyed Samoyed asia .. he ... he
Keep the price is how to measure puppynya around Rp 30 million and for adults ranging from least expensive (like shepherd) about USD 80 million to a hundred million more (Samoyed Samoyed really)

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