Friday, March 25, 2011

Bulldog: Watchdog

DOG. Uniqueness Bulldog puppy can be viewed in terms of posture, this dog has a medium body size. His body was stocky and full. His chest was broad with a short snout. Bulldong foot is relatively short, but it looks sturdy. It has a short tail which usually leads down. Bulldog body weight between 30-40 kg. bulldog has a smooth and short hair with color combinations. Excessive black color on the bulldog is not so attractive people. They prefer the combination of chocolate, Fawn, Brindle and white.
We'll often hear about a bulldog, this dog is one of the dog family favorite. Behind the sturdy body of a bulldog, very friendly to human nature embedded in this dog. That is why many people keep dogs of this type. Bulldog including the oldest breeds from Great Britain. Dogs are also often called the national dog of England. In ancient times these dogs are kept for ditarungkan with a cow or bull. However, around the year 1835 the British government banned dog fight. Since then the bulldog began to be maintained and become a loyal family dog.
Bulldog is very difficult to breed normally. Artificial insemination to fertilize it needed from the doctor. This is due to the anatomy of the body of the bulldog. Very rare bulldog gave birth normally. Usually done by Caesarean section. Bulldog very playful with children. These dogs also can be companions for children. Its a brave, loyal and friendly it is suitable as a guard dog at our house.

Often times there are ads "dogs for sale Bulldog puppies at a price ...". In buying and selling a bulldog, most sellers do not openly about the price. Many sellers want to sell their bulldog with a high price. Moreover, when including the quality of imports. Bulldog prices ranged between 5-6 million for an adult. However, if a bulldog type Home bulldong best quality, the price offered can penetrate the number 25 million. To convince the buyers, often included photos bulldog offered.

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